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If you are looking for a short get away with sunshine beaches, Carnival Paradise offers 4 and 5 day cruises from Tampa, Florida. Spa Carnival and Serenity are adult treats to enjoy, while kids have fun in 3 pools, a waterslide,and age-appropriate programs.

Four Seasons Travel & Cruise in St. Pete Beach, Florida, is a full-service travel agency specializing in planning a variety of individual or group travels. From exotic Caribbean cruises to unforgettable family tours, we care about your vacation and will assist you with travel plans from start to finish.

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Our agents are always happy to assist you with your travel plans. A list of our agents is as follows and can be contacted through our main number 727-360-1900.

Ester Milchan - Partner/Manager - 727-515-9112
Tina King - Agent - 727-421-8663

• Krishna Sharma - Partner
• Brent Mc Donald - Partner
• Richard Chan - Agent
• Nancy Kahn - Agent
• Judy Cohan - Agent
• Craig Harris - Agent
• Maurice Martineau - Agent
• Vickie Caves - Agent
• Andrew Katzman - Agent
• Teri Kopcsik- Agent 
• Kevin Wolter-Agent 

• Laura Scattergood - Agent
• Carol Niehaus - Agent
• Tamara Hewitt - Agent
• Geoff Stewart - Agent
• Karl Natter - Agent
• Candice Clark - Agent
• Ellen Howells - Agent
• Sandra Milchan- Agent
• Michelle Levine - Agent
• Richard Chan - Agent


Why Choose Us?


Our agents are professional and take every opportunity to increase their knowledge. We are available 24/7 and it is our challenge and desire to assist you in finding the best value for your travels. We take care of all your travel planning including:

• General Air
• Exotic Cruises
• Individual/Group Tours

• International Air Consolidation
• Hotel Accommodations
• Car Rentals


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About Us


In business for more than 25 years, our goal is to ensure that you receive top value for your dollar, enjoy the vacation of your dreams, and have a smooth and unforgettable experience. We are an ARC accredited agency, which enables us to issue airline tickets. In addition, we are affiliated with many industry organizations such as CLIA, IATAN and As a result, we can draw on a wide range of resources to make your travel planning more convenient and affordable.

ESTER SAYS: FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH..... I just figured out what 'Delta' stands for:  Don't Expect Leg room on This Airline!

When traveling by plane you might want to print your boarding pass in color, like pink or blue. That way you'll be able to find it.  I'm choosing pink!

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money.

You can still travel comfortably and keep your fashion sense in tact when you travel light.

Remember when traveling abroad, Europe's on the metric system so calories don't count.

Don't  pay for luggage carts.  Walk outside and grab one that someone left curbside.

Travel Agency | St. Pete Beach, FL

FYI: Royal Caribbean International is offering reduced rates for single cruisers and senior citizens. If you haven't taken a river cruise give it a try. You visit smaller towns and are in the center. You can just walk off the ship. It's a luxury opportunity and for those who want to have a travel experience without regimentation.

Flightboard is an awesome travel app that turns your iphone or ipad into the 'arrivals and departures board' for any airport in the world.

Verify that any required medical items are with you and not in checked luggage.


Casual Nights
Men - Sport Shirt and Slacks
Women - Pantsuit, Skirt and Blouse or Casual (sun)Dress

Informal Nights
Men - Jacket, Shirt and Tie
Women - Suit or Dress

Formal Nights
Men - Tuxedo or Suit and Tie
Women - Evening Gown or Cocktail Dress

(Jeans are frowned upon in the main dinning rooms at all times)

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Findings from the Value of Travel Agents study indicates that over half of Millennial (59%), Xer (53%) and Boomer (58%) leisure travelers who used travel agents believe that vacations planned through an agent were better than those organized without their assistance. In addition, consumers that use an agent travel more (average 4.7 trips) than consumers that don’t use a travel agent (average 3.6 trips).